Skin Graph


(An exploration of the bridge between Fashion and Architecture)


Future Tailoring – Couture With Personality

Skin Graph has development advanced 3D mapping techniques, parametric design and data-driven fabrication processes, with the focus to address the engineered neutrality of optimisation. Skin Graph questions the practice of tailoring and proposes operative strategies that can inscribe the personality of the individual directly into apparel.

With the underlining philosophy; that the individual must have a level of integrated authorship within the design process itself to truly create the bespoke. The result being a second skin where the nature of emotion and time is recorded as resonating patterns and cuts flexing and articulated with every move of the individual.

The Skin Graph technology encourages play as an important part of cultural evolution. The scanning process plays an major role and allows the individual to articulate the personification of couture through gesture posture and movement each of which is recorded and represented directly into the final material product.



About LauraMichaels

Creative Hybrid Fashion Designer, completed my Masters in Fashion Design at Kingston University Oct 2010. Curiosity drives me to create innovative designs. I utilise multiple disciplines to question contemporary fashion, enhancing my skills, knowledge and stimulation of mind. For me, the process is extremely significant in achieving the final product. I want my practise to enlighten the viewer to question the concept and process..
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  1. Beautiful to see this again x

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